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Eight Ways for Working Parents to Survive a School Closure Day

It's raining, it's snowing, the wind is really blowing. Thermometers are recording record temperatures. Then you get the dreaded notice -- Care is CANCELLED for the day.

Now what? As a working parent, you're expected to pivot to remote work. In reality, it is hard to work and take care of a kiddo at the same time while keeping your sanity. While calling out is a valid option, here are eight ways to survive the day from Le Village Owner and Founder, Daniella Cornue.

  1. Communicate with your boss as early as possible so they can plan too.

  2. Move what you can. Outline what is a must complete and move everything else. Especially meetings --everything that is a non-mandatory meeting should get pushed back.

  3. Communicate with your partner. Ask for what you need and what is non-negotiable. You both have to work so taking care of the kids all day should not just fall on one person. Maybe one parent can work in the morning and one can in the afternoon. Maybe it's a long lunch. Maybe it's an alternative schedule. Whatever it is, work towards parenting equity.

  4. Can you do a flex-time work day? On days like this, I get up extra early and get as much done before my husband heads off to work and I'm solo. The I work again "after hours". My husband knows this so he's "on" as soon as he walks back in the door. It stinks, but I don't live like this every day. I actually end up having a great focused day with my kid.

  5. Here are my favorite easy-setup independent play activities.

    1. For older littles: Stickers, Watercolors, Cooking, Bathtime, Coloring, Playdough, Helping Clean (sprayer and cloth), Yoga.

    2. For tiny ones: “Painting” with Water on Construction Paper, Duplo Legos, Cars, Ice/Water Sensory Play, Bathtime, Little Hands Jars (with non-choking items in them), Paper Ripping/ Crumpling, and Magnets.

  6. Ease up on your expectations. Maybe it's a movie day with extra screen time. That's ok too. No one is judging you. We are all just surviving.

  7. Recognize that your time is finite. You can’t magically create more and you can’t split yourself in two. You cannot parent and work to your fullest at the same time. Trying to do that will only create stress and resentment from you towards your child and it’s not their fault that school is cancelled.

  8. Never feel bad about prioritizing your family. 18% of the population have kids under age 12. This is not the first nor will it be the last time you have to reorganize work for your family. If they give you a hard time it’s probably time to look for a job that is more supportive of you as a parent. I assure you that your skills will be valued elsewhere.


This guide appeared originally on Le Village's Instagram. Follow us for more content geared toward building community and supporting working parents, especially mothers.

Le Village is growing through franchise opportunities in the Midwest. Find work/life balance and bring the coworking + care model to your neighborhood. More info at

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