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We are on a mission to create real change for working parents, especially mothers.

Finding work / balance. Ending the motherhood penalty. Creating opportunities for female founders. Shaping dialogue around parents in the workforce.

We're just getting started.


We are parents seeking balance and community. We are folks working on  sleep training, potty training, heck - swim training, and then hustling to close that deal, finish that proposal, and wrap up that design.

We wink at the phrase burning the candle at both ends because we live that, we earn that, and we'd never change that. This life lets us not just see that amazing art project, but also take ten minutes to witness it in the works. And we want the good with the bad. The biting phase. The wet pants. The skinned knee. We want to be a part of helping our kids get better

We wanna catch those big moments - that first word and that first step, but we still feel in our bones that we are better when we contribute to ourselves as much as our little ones. We live by example. We push harder and when we fail, we try again. We recognize when we need a break and we are not afraid to ask for help. We also give that help freely.

We don't judge if you cosleep, sleep train, don't sleep, breast feed, formula feed, are vegan, vegetarian or believe that bacon is a gift from god. You do you. We hope you can find people who believe and are working through the same things.

The days are long but the years are short. And before you know it, life will shift again. You'll miss the days when you are the only one they want. We wanna give you as much of that time as we can while continuing your growth as a professional and as a person.


We hope you’ll join us. 

And we hope you find your village.

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