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Interested in owning a Le Village?

Be part of a movement to create real change for working parents.

90% of working parents feel rushed and feel they spend too little time with their kids.


Join Le Village mission to put working women back to work. Be present with your kids, create flexibility and independence in your own life, make lifelong friends, and love coming to work again.


Why Open a
Le Village cowork?



$50K in liquid assets is all that is required to open most Le Village franchises! Plus, all of our franchise plans have an $70K salary built into the annual plan for owners on top of profits and dividends.


Community Led

Come to market with other moms and parents. We believe in a model that lifts each other up versus competing against one another. Our territories are set up with plenty of room for all to thrive and lean on each other.


Be the change

Put working women back to work and secure the future of our daughters. Spend more time with your own kids. Create the environment for work and care that you always needed but never had.

A word from our owner and founder.

Target locations

Le Village is currently franchising in Chicagoland and the Midwest region.


- Bridgeport, Chicago, IL

- Uptown, Chicago, IL

- Hyde Park, Chicago, IL

- Pilsen, Chicago, IL


- South Bend, IL

- Grand Rapids, MI

- Kalamazoo, MI

- Madison, WI

If you are interested in a Midwest location not listed, then please message us. Market expansion coming in 2024.


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Here are some facts about owning a Le Village franchise.

What is the investment breakdown?

Le Village corporate is recommending a loan at $220,000 for all Le Village Franchisee start-ups. This includes a recommended $75,000 cash "runway", $75,000 buildout budget, and a $40,000 FF&E budget. The $50,000 downpayment is for the franchise fee and the downpayment on the loan and will be included as equity on your books moving forward.

Do I need to have a background in education?

While that can prove quite valuable, it is certainly not a requirement for becoming a Le Village Franchise owner (though you must have a bachelor's degree). However, it is very important that you have a passion for working with babies and toddlers and believe in our mission of helping them become compassionate and patient little people. Many of our current owners came to us with some kind of business background, and many have their own children.

Do I need to be a woman?

No, but 90% of our membership tend to be mothers. It's imperative for owners to be able to connect to their members and create community between those members. Supporting these mothers through their birth, breastfeeding, and parenting journeys are a huge part of the job.

How much can I earn as an owner of Le Village?

All of our owners have a baked-in salary of $70,000 a year. You have the control to adjust that amount as needed, however, we made sure to plan for your income.

What counts as "liquid" assets?

"Liquid Assets" can be cash money in your bank account or savings. It can also be an IRA, HSA, 401K, Stocks, Bonds, HELOC, or Mutual Funds.

How does Le Village help me bring my franchise to reality?

When you franchise a Le Village, you get access to our stellar team of experts including financing and banking, real estate and construction, marketing, HR, and more.


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