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What we do.

Can you have it all? We don’t know,
but you can do it all here.

buildings Coworking and Childcare


Comfortable, warm, open floor plans allow parents to drop their kids off and work how they like.

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certified teacher
led care

Our “Profs” are all certified and lead each of our 3 classes, Wigglers, Explorers, and Learners.

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mealtime +

Stop to have lunch and pop in any time to learn with or watch

your child play!

sign Coworking and Childcare


Not ready to share a space, but want to be with your kids? Our private offices, desks, and meeting rooms are available!

music Coworking and Childcare


Our custom curriculum is flexible but based on fun play-based learning--without the gadgets and gizmos.

coffee Coworking and Childcare

mixers and

Develop relationships with other families and find support for your career and your kids.

Interested? Book a tour to learn more about our packages or take a virtual tour through our space!

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We’re parents just like you. We’re trying to find balance for ourselves and for our family. That’s why we created Le Village!


Share an office space and the cost of childcare for less than what you are paying for daycare. Yes. We are totally serious.

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