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How Parent Engagement Boosts Toddlers' Skill Development: A Personal Story

We are doing amazing work in our classrooms! I’ve always known that, but now everyone else does too. We’ve had our first big graduating class apply for kindergarten this year. Astoundingly, 6 out of our 22 kindergarten applicants have been offered spots at the coveted regional gifted centers in Chicago. This is absolutely an amazing accomplishment that I am very proud of!

Getting into kindergarten in Chicago is like college admissions. Straight up. The best neighborhood schools always have a gigantic waitlist (so if you think you’ve had trouble with daycare, get ready.) Within this insane structure are the highly coveted Regional Gifted Centers. These are some of the best schools in the city, and their classrooms operate one to two grade levels above curriculum norm. You have to test in order to get in, and even then, there are only 420 spots for the 22,000 kindergartners set to start this next fall.

To have 6 out of our 22 kindergarten applicants offered spots within these programs is nothing short of astounding! And these are just the kids that I know of: parents that have emailed me, friends, or people I’ve run into touring. We are beyond proud.

As a parent, I understand that regional gifted is not the end all be all. My daughter Vivie is one of these students, and we’re not even sure that we want to go regional gifted, but to be offered a spot is still an achievement!

Let me share a bit more about why this success means so much to me, both as a parent, a teacher, and the owner of Le Village Cowork.

The Power of Parent Engagement

One of the key factors in our children's success is the level of parent engagement we foster at Le Village Cowork. Parent involvement in early childhood education can significantly boost a child's development. Here's how it's worked for us:

  1. Active Participation: Parents at Le Village aren't just dropping their kids off—they're actively participating in their education. The capacity they have to be involved with their child’s day to day learning is imperative to their success. Our community is deeply involved in each child's learning journey.

  2. Strong Bonds: The time parents spend engaging with their children, be it reading together before nap, exploring their activities first thing in the morning, or discussing their day during their lunch break is part of our model. This time strengthens our kids cognitive, social, and emotional skills. These interactions are crucial during the early years when 90% of a child's brain development occurs. Our parents are working hand in hand with our teachers to shape their children’s brains. 

  3. Community Support: Our community is supportive and inclusive. Parents share their experiences, offer advice, and celebrate each other's successes. This network creates a positive environment where both children and parents thrive. It truly takes a village and THIS truly is a village. 

Why This Matters

When parents are engaged, children feel more secure and motivated. They perform better academically, develop better social skills, and have a more positive attitude towards learning. At Le Village Cowork, our curriculum is designed to not only educate children but also to involve parents in the process, creating a holistic approach to early childhood education.

Vivie's Journey

Vivie's experience at Le Village has been incredible. The curriculum has ignited her curiosity and creativity, and the support from other parents and her teachers has been invaluable. It makes me teary eyed to think of how unique this experience is and the impact it has had on her personality, confidence, and drive—and our family as a whole. While we're still deciding whether to accept the spot at the regional gifted center, the fact that she was offered a place is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in her education.

Cheers to Our Community!

So, here's to our amazing community at Le Village Cowork! 🥂🍾.

This is a win for all of us! I know the extra time and work it can be to be a Le Village family because you are showing up professionally in your career, and showing up equally in your personal life for your children. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Cheers to all of our amazing parents and to our amazing team of educators! You are all so special and I see each and everyone of you. —With utter pride! DBC

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