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What a Mom Wants: Parenting Equity & Workplace Flexibility

Balancing career and kids is a juggling act - not a newsflash to any working parent, especially mothers. While modern motherhood looks a little bit different for every family, the need for flexibility, balance, and “me” time are themes that come up over and over and over again. But, what is it that moms *actually* need to be able to remain in the workforce and be present with their children?

We decided to ask. In our most recent Modern Motherhood Survey, we asked moms around Chicago and our Le Village member moms to take a minute to share their experiences when it comes to balancing childcare, household, and career commitments. The results may surprise you or confirm what you already felt.

Household parenting equity is crucial and workplace flexibility is a must.

Spoiler Alert: Le Village members are on to something!

Key Findings:

  • 31% of mothers reported not having an equitable partnership with their spouse or partner when it comes to parenting and household responsibilities compared with 16% of Le Village member mothers

  • 23% of mothers reported their household equity dynamic got worse since COVID compared to 12% of Le Village member mothers

  • 42% of mothers have left the traditional/corporate working for more flexibility or time to spend with their child(ren) compared to 32% of Le Village member mothers. However, 44% of Le Village members remain in the workforce as small business owners compared to 14% of non-member mothers

  • Mothers in both groups agree that work schedule flexibility is the greatest barrier to work/life balance with management expectations and ability to work remotely included as other notable factors.

When we look at the data, we see that we still have a long way to go to end the Motherhood Penalty. 61% of mothers in both groups reported taking a pay cut and/or lesser work responsibilities to have more flexibility or time with their child(ren). But, we are immensely proud that Le Village Member moms seem to benefit from a more equitable split of responsibilities with their partner or spouse and 44% even reported that their household equity actually got better since COVID.

These are tangible takeaways that help mothers remain in the workforce - a step in the right direction.

We also asked mothers how they squeeze in an hour of “me” time. While moms who are not Le Village members reported burning the candle at both ends, our member moms most commonly reported communicating their needs with their partner. WOW! Both groups also solidly said letting go of perfection is also key to creating space for yourself.

Our team at Le Village is certainly heartened by these findings. We’ve always been a space built to support working parents. We hope no matter your family dynamic that you find the balance you need to be successful.

Le Village’s Modern Motherhood Survey was conducted October 5-18, 2023 via online form. The survey responses came from more than 130 Chicago-area mothers who identify as female.


Le Village is on a mission to create real change for working parents, especially mothers.

Help end the Motherhood Penalty by bringing a Le Village to your neighborhood. We are growing through Franchise Opportunities in Chicago. More information at

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